3f5c7c3cff1388620f290bda72ef0623Most people when they get sick will go see their medical doctor to see what is wrong with them. Often times when someone simply has a cold the doctor cannot say for sure what is causing it so they will prescribe the patient with antibiotics. This, they guarantee will kill off any invading bacteria and make you well again. What the doctor doesn’t tell you however, is that the antibiotic is also killing all of the good bacteria within your body as well.  The antibiotics have no way of just seeking out the bad bacteria that are making you sick, so they just kill off everything, especially within the gut. Antibiotics will permanently alter one’s immune system this way.

Now that the gut is left without any good protective bacteria, this gives fungus like candida albicans the opportunity to move in.  Once candida settles in the gut, it latches on and is extremely difficult to kill off and remove.  This fungus will then weaken the intestinal wall, leading to “leaky-gut”. Now things within the gut are able to pass through the wall and into the bloodstream. Your already weakened immune system is trying to recover and now you have all of these new toxins seeping into the bloodstream.

Heavy metals are also removed from our bodies by those good bacteria. Without them, the heavy metals will now be transported throughout our bodies to other organs.

Make sure you do your research before starting an antibiotic regimen.  If it is completely necessary, follow the regimen with probiotics and gut repairing supplements to help your immune system recover.