What is Chiropractic?

The best way to describe the benefits of Chiropractic is the safety pin analogy.

A well aligned spine is vital to a healthy nervous system and allows for unimpeded communication from the brain to to the rest of the body and back again.

The brain gives instructions to the body and the body provides feedback to the brain over your nervous system.  Your autonomic (involuntary) nervous system keeps your heart beating, the blood flowing and other important organs functioning.   Your Somatic (voluntary) nervous system is associated with voluntary control of muscle movement such as walking and speaking.  These are all examples of information that is sent from the brain to the rest of the body.

The body also provides feedback to the brain such as the feeling of fullness, pain and temperature. The brain uses this information and reacts using both the voluntary and involuntary nervous system. When communication through the nervous system becomes impeded, it resembles an open safety pin with a break in continuity.  This may result in organ failure, muscle fatigue, digestive issues or weakened immunity.

The spine needs to be aligned to ensure normal nerve flow. Rather than prescribe medicine to hide the malfunction, the chiropractor, in effect, re-closes the nerve “safety pin” into a loop again, allowing normal information flow to return again, and the body to stay healthy naturally.

While this is obviously a very simplified explanation, it helps to visualize how nerve information must flow in a complete loop for normal health.

The Nervous System Function in Action

The nervous system is responsible for nearly all processes in the human body and was essential since our conception and formation in the womb.

Each organ develops at a branch of the nervous system. Like a tree, the trunk supports the branches that give rise to the fruit. Therefore, it stands to reason if problems exist in or around the nervous system, tissues and organs may be affected.

The nervous system connects two parts of the human body: The brain and the tissue cell. The nervous system creates the continuity in our body. The top circle represents the brain and the bottom circle represents the tissue cell. The lines between represent the communication link, the nervous system.

Disease Begins at the Tissue Cell Level

The tissue cell is the weakest part of the cycle. You basic tissue cells bear the brunt of years of damage from poor diet, lack of exercise and toxins in our diet and environment. This damage is the result of everyday living.

What weakens cells?

The food we eat, the air we breathe, lack of sleep and even the laundry detergent we use weaken our cells and add toxins to our body. As children, we all fell numerous times, got up and ran to the next opportunity to inflict damage upon us. Cumulatively all these events add up to create subtle damage to the structure of your being. Then there are those things that we have no control over…Our DNA!

The double helix strands of DNA provide the blueprint for all the building blocks in your body. Free radicals travel through the body wreaking havoc with your DNA every second, causing irreparable damage. If the situation were not bad enough, your DNA is only as good as what your parents gave you. Your DNA blueprint is inherited from your parents and their parents.  Good or bad, you are stuck with your DNA.

The Nervous System

The amount of communication transferred from the body to the brain (afferent) via the nervous system is fascinating.  What you see, hear, smell and feel from all your sensory nerves are sent to the brain for processing.  But there is also other information sent to the brain from the organs and nerves inside your body that are mostly undetectable.  Your liver removes toxins, the kidneys remove waste, the stomach and small intestine digest food and deliver it to the cells.  All of these internal processes happen behind the scenes by an ever-present connection between the tissue and the brain via the afferent half of the nervous system.

So, how do these messages get to the tissue cell? That happens through the connection going from the brain and the tissue cell (efferent). The brain makes certain decisions based on the information from the afferent side and sends mental impulses to the tissue cells of your body. Changes take place immediately following the exact instruction of the mental impulse. This is how health is maintained in your body.

Through chiropractic, we’ll help improve the paths of communication and work with each patient to determine the optimum treatment.  For more information, contact Dr. Carlson for an appointment.