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I’ve been struggling with the pain of plantar fasciitis for several years. I didn’t want injections so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Carlson. She helped with my plantar fasciitis with Kineseo tape and suggested several exercises that I could do at home. The taping along with exercises and adjustments have made a huge difference in my foot pain.

Thank You,
Kinesio taping really works!

In preparing for 2012 Tallcorn Handball tournament, I developed severe knee pain limiting my mobility. On the night before the tournament started, Dr. Carlson taped my knee. I was not hopeful, but was amazed when I could now play without pain. Completed the tournament with the one time tapping and, with exercize, I am now pain free.

Thanks Doc!
I was running in my first ever season of cross country and noticed pain in my shins. My coach said I had shin splints. My friend also got shin splints at the same time. I visited Dr. Carlson and had my first ever adjustment and then Dr. Carlson manipulated my legs and my shins and after a couple treatments I was running again in a week. My friend was out for three weeks.

Elizabeth, Age 15
I pulled my back muscles and I limped into Dr. Carlson's office with pain about 7 or an 8. Dr. Carlson performed my first ever adjustment and spent some quality time on my lower back. When she was finished, I walked out of her office, upright, with pain only a 1 or a 2. She also prescribed a few exercises to strengthen my core and prevent more recurrences. Now I visit at least once a month. If I’m experiencing pain in a shoulder, knee, hip or back, Dr. Carlson has a way of knowing about the pain in those areas, without even being told. She is truly amazing!

Thank you Dr. Carlson

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