The human body is a remarkable bio-mechanical machine.   The combination of skeleton and muscles is known as the musculoskeletal system and provides form, support and stability to the body.

Exercise keeps the musculoskeletal system in good working order and offers other significant benefits for overall good health.

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Brain Function – exercise increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain, creates new nerve cells and increases beneficial chemical reactions within the brain.

Depression – moderate exercise may help with mild depression as endorphins are released during exercise that improve moods and self esteem.

Sleep – exercise is a much better cure for insomnia than prescription drugs and exercise has much more beneficial side effects than pharmaceuticals.

Immune System – studies suggest that regular exercise combined with proper nutrition will enhance and strengthen the immune system

Cardiovascular – The relationship between exercise and heart health has been well documented.   Persons who are sedentary have a much higher risk of cardiovascular disease than those who include regular exercise into daily routines.

After a checkup from your doctor, there are several exercises that you can perform to increase balance, strength and overall fitness.  Consult your doctor before attempting a rigorous exercise regimen.