When most people think of strength, they think of body builders lifting bars bent by hundreds of pounds of weight on each side. That isn’t necessary with average people.  Whenever you lift your arm or curl your bicep with something heavier than your hand, you are building strength.

Exercise Bands

Many beginners can start out with something as simple as 2.5lb dumbbells or exercise bands. Exercise bands are unique because you can increase or decrease the amount of resistance based on your strength.  And, due to their portability, you can take them anywhere such as the office or vacation.

Strength training has many benefits:

  1. Muscles continue to burn calories several hours after you’ve finished exercising
  2. Plays an imporant role in disease prevention
  3. Makes you stronger and fitter
  4. Improves posture and balance
  5. Boosts energy levels
  6. Protects bone and muscle mass

Ask Dr. Carlson about a regimen that will get you started and keep you going.