Most people eat because they are hungry.  What they don’t realize, is that the feeling of hunger is created by chemical reactions in the body.   Have you ever had a craving for something that you were unable to satisfy?   Cravings are your body’s way of telling you that it needs something, however, the body’s needs are difficult to understand.

When we eat food, we get full and walk away from the table.  Have you ever asked yourself, “Was the food I’ve just eaten good for my body”?  Food is more than a solution for feeling full.  The food you eat is meant to provide nutrition for your body and all the cells therein.

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Your body will create new cells every day and over the course of several years, the majority of your body’s cells will be completely replaced.  Your body needs basic nutrients to generate these new cells.  Those nutrients are based on your diet and eating habits.

Not everything we put in our mouths is food. 

In this country we have the resources and technology to feed the world.  But ending hunger isn’t the same as providing adequate nutrition.  Food technology has advanced considerably in the last 50 years.   New manufacturing processes make food more available, less expensive, tastier and unfortunately less nutritious.

Government guidelines have approved many food additives to be used in processed food.  Cellulose, for example is a very popular ingredient in processed food, however cellulose is basically paper, is paper a nutritious food?

Carlson Chiropractic believes that good health can be greatly impacted by good nutrition.  Good nutrition is NOT a diet, good nutrition is a life style practice of purchasing foods that provide nutrients to support good health and cell growth within the body.

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