Posture Exercise

Everyone knows they need to improve their posture but what if I told you that improving your posture would help your body function better.  What if I told you you would be able to breath better?  How about increase your range of motion? How about decrease the number of headaches you have in a day?

Try this: Stand up and stick your chin out as far as you can.  Now try to raise your arms up as high as they can go.  Now try to stand up with what you think perfect posture looks like, raise your arms.  Isn’t it amazing how much easier that is????? Now try to take a deep breath in when you chin is jutted out as far as it goes.  How about when you are standing up with that perfect posture?

This is a beginner exercise I give all of my patients when trying to improve posture.

Stand with your feet about 12 inches out from the wall.  Rest your buttocks, shoulders and head up against the wall.  Raise your arms up as if you are making snow angels on the wall.  Practice this everyday.