Strengthening Exercises to Help you get through Snow Shoveling

Don’t wait until the snow starts to fall to get prepared for shoveling. There  are exercises you can do throughout the year to get your body in shape for snow  season.

The deltoid raise  to help strengthen and condition the back to be ready for shoveling.
To do this exercise, begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.  Using an overhand grip, grab a barbell or dumbbells. Extend your arms and let  the weight hang against your upper thigh. Raise the weight straight in front of  you until it’s just above your shoulder level and then return to the starting  position.

The lateral pull is another good snow shoveling exercise that you  can do at home or at the gym. For this exercise, you’ll need tubing or  resistance bands. Again, begin the exercise by standing with your feet  shoulder-width apart. Hold one end of the tubing or band in each hand and  raise your arms over your head. Bring your elbows down slowly on each side as  you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Stop when your fists are level with  your shoulders. Keep your arms straight and return to the starting position.

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