f77d3bf890211786e1ed62ed49e8774eThe job of your immune system is to protect and defend the body against infection from disease-producing organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites that live in our environment. The nervous system plays an important role in the control and activity of the immune response. Nerve endings are found in the tissues of the immune system. Changes in the central nervous system alter immune responses and triggering an immune response alters central nervous system activity.

When a vertebrae becomes misaligned, interference to the nerve impulses occurs – which reduces the overall functioning of the nervous system and of the particular organ to which it is assigned. These misalignments are known as “subluxations”. A chiropractic adjustment will restore the proper nerve impulses and allow the proper flow of energy to the immune system.  A properly functioning nervous system should be the first priority in strengthening the immune system.

Symptoms represent the body’s best efforts to heal itself. By treating symptoms, you are suppressing the body’s natural response and inhibiting the healing process. Instead of treating symptoms, doctors should stimulate the body’s defenses to allow for completion of the healing process” – Dr. Stephen Cummings