Chiropractic means “done by hand” and has become the most popular natural, drug-free healing art in the world. Millions visit their chiropractor regularly and enjoy all the health benefits of a chiropractic lifestyle. Being our best requires us to adapt to the physical, chemical and emotional stressors we’re faced with throughout life.

New Patient Information FormThe purpose and intent of chiropractic is to ensure we can adapt by keeping us balanced and aligned, helping to create a lifetime of abundant health and well-being.

Carlson Chiropractic provides patients with comprehensive knowledge of proactive disease prevention methods and health maintenance for the whole body. Carlson Chiropractic is a one-stop clinic for healthy living, with an expertise in chiropractic care. Dr. Carlson’s objective is to get sick people well, and to get active people healthier.

Symptom_Survey_ButtomBy obtaining great results and helping patients reach healthy milestones, Carlson Chiropractic is known as a place for patients to heal and take charge of their healthcare and lifestyle. Our patients will get healthier and stay healthier through continued preventative care.